Training material

We have adapted our regular training course to make it available online for asynchronous and self-paced learning. We are pleased to make it available to all for free.

First, create a Moodle account then ‘self-enrol’ on the courses below.

  • An introduction to UKMOD: self-paced course
    This space contains material that can be used as a standalone, self-paced course for the latest version of UKMOD. The course material has been adapted from the face-to-face training sessions and are presented as a linear course that you could follow from beginning to end, or use as a refresher of the main concepts and elements of the UKMOD training.
  • Latest UKMOD training: Online course (April 2020)
    This space contains material from the latest UKMOD training held for UKMOD users in April 2020. The course material was delivered as an online webinar to a mixed group of analysts, social policy evaluators and strategists. If you were not part of this course, you are strongly advised to check the “self-paced” course instead. Uses software version 3.2.7, policies version UKMOD_A1.5+ and data UK_2017_a3.


We have also created an online UKMOD user forum, where all members of the community can ask UKMOD-related questions, hold discussions and read about the latest releases.

If you would like to subscribe to the forum, please email, with your name, organisation, and a short paragraph outlining why you are interested in UKMOD or how you intend to use it, and we will get back to you.

Model documentation

UKMOD users will receive technical documentation in the form of a Country Report, updated for each release.

The Country Report contains sections on:

  • an overview of the UK tax-benefit system
  • a description of the tax-benefit instruments and an explanation of how they are modelled
  • a description of the input microdata and adjustments to the original data
  • a validation of baseline output in relation to other statistics

The latest Country Report is available here.