New Features

Version 4.0.8 (released June 2020)

  • Update project structure to be compatible with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEs.

Version 4.0.6 (released December 2018)

  • Update dependencies to work with Java 11.

Version 4.0.4 (released December 2017)

  • Add weighted classes to statistics package (to allow use of agents with frequency weights). Rename Weighting to Weight interface.
  • Ensure directories in input folder are copied to output/input when building new simulation.

Version 4.0.2 (released July 2017)

  • Update to Java 8 and upgrade to Apache commons-collection version 4. JitPack update to maintain compatibility with Java 8.
  • Replace Event interface with AbstractEvent class and rename EventList to EventQueue. Update alignment methods to allow a larger variety of objects to be compatible (widen class argument from List to Collection). Fix bug in MultiKeyCoefficientMap’s clone method.

Version 3.2.1 (released May 2017)

  • New project template classes in the JAS-mine Plugin for Eclipse IDE, with some bug fixes, and a more detailed example of the graphical features and agent class.

Version 3.2.0 (released May 2017)

  • Agent Weighting interface (see microsim.agent.Weighting interface in the core package API) designed to allow an instantiation of an agent representing more (or fewer) individuals than just a single individual.
  • Alignment features including:
    • Logit Scaling alignment algorithms, providing multiple choice alignment (not just binary choice).
    • Weighted alignment feature (Logit Scaling, Logit Scaling Binary, and Resampling alignment versions) that works with an agent implementing the Weighting interface in order to align a population of agents with variable weightings (where the weighting defines the number of individuals that an agent represents).
  • Scatter plot charts available to use in the JAS-mine GUI.
  • Regression Utils features including:
    • User can provide probabilities that do not sum to 1, which are subsequently normalised within the methods, instead of just throwing an exception.