Tax-benefit microsimulation platform

EUROMOD’s flexibility, both of approach and software, means that it can be adapted to shortcut the process of building tax-benefit models with potentially comparable outputs for any country or region.

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Key features

The EUROMOD platform is highly flexible but also organised, documented, validated and transparent. Underpinning the model is the purpose-built software comprising a user-friendly interface, supplemented by “plug-ins” and “add-ons” for special purpose analysis. Cross-country comparability is enabled by coding policy systems according to a common framework based on a standard set of protocols. The software is open access, with an increasing number of institutions using it across Europe and beyond.

Models A-Z

Models powered by EUROMOD

Over 40 national models across 5 continents

Model ‘families’, including EUROMOD, SOUTHMOD and LATINMOD

UKMOD, the only open access model for the UK

Updated information on the models, including how to access them

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