SORESI (Sozialreform-Mikrosimulation) is a web application based on the tax-benefit microsimulation model EUROMOD for Austria. The online tool enables policy makers and the broader public to simulate policy reforms and to analyse their social impact, namely the effects on the national poverty rate, income inequality indicators and different income groups.


In 2014, a new web interface was released which includes different output levels (equivalised household incomes, individual incomes and a tool for model households). In 2017/18, SORESI was updated to 2018 policy rules (incl. the increase of family allowance) using the latest input data (SILC 2016 with incomes for 2015).

Current team members:

Michael Fuchs, Tamara Premrov (European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research) & Katrin Gasior (Institute for Social and Economic Research)

Former team members:

Katarina Hollan (European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research)



Content accessibility:

  • Freely available online
  • Notes: The model is openly available via the project page below.

Data accessibility:

  • Available upon request
  • Notes: The input data is available upon request from the EUROMOD team at ISER

Input data sources:

  • Standard EUROMOD input data based on Austrian National EU-SILC provided by Statistic Austria

Model outputs:

Project page