miCROmod is a microsimulation model of Croatian taxes and benefits, which simulates social insurance contributions, personal income taxes, cash social benefits of the central government, cash and non-cash social benefits of the four major Croatian cities (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek). miCROmod consists of two modules: (1) miCROmodA is the static non-behavioural or “arithmetic” model; (2) miCROmodB is the static behavioural model, which simulates labour supply.


miCROmod is constructed within the project “Application of microsimulation models in the analysis of taxes and social benefits in Croatia” (AMMATSBC), funded by the Croatian Science Foundation (2015-2018). The first and current release simulates policy rules for the period 2014-2018. During the AMMATSBC project, the model has been extensively used for academic research and policy reform analysis in Croatia. Future updates and upgrades are planned within the new project.

Current team members:

Ivica Urban, Slavko Bezeredi & Martina Pezer



Content accessibility:

  • Private, access restricted
  • Notes: The model has been developed and maintained during the AMMATSBC project, which finished in December 2018. We plan to continue with updating of the model in January 2020, with the start of an eventual new research project. miCROmodA (the arithmetic module) can be provided to interested researchers.

Data accessibility:

  • Private
  • Notes: miCROmod uses the Croatian National EU-SILC data (see under "Input sources"), which can be provided on request only to Croatian scientific organisations.

Input data sources:

  • Input data are based on the Croatian National EU-SILC, provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics

Model outputs:

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