Uruguay (LATINMOD)

LATINMOD-Uruguay is based on the Uruguayan household survey (Encuesta Continua de Hogares, ECH), released by the national statistics office (INE). The data used is based in the ECH of the year 2014 which took place from January to December and contained microdata for 48.583 households and 131.857 individuals. LATINMOD is a regional tax-benefit microsimulation model for six Latin American countries that is being developed in the EUROMOD platform and within a harmonized data base which provides cross-country comparability. LATINMOD-Uruguay simulates direct taxes (personal income tax, and social security contributions), and the main social cash transfers (AFAM-PE, AFAM 15084, TUS).


OPP has developed a tax-benefit simulator since 2008. This previous work served as the basis for the development of the LATINMOD-Uruguay model.

Current team members:

Rebeca Riella and Joana Urraburu - Departamento Microsimulaciones de Políticas Públicas (Oficina de Planeamiento y Presupuesto (OPP))



Content accessibility:

  • Private, access restricted
  • Notes: The model is currently private but in the near future it will be freely available

Data accessibility:

  • Available upon request
  • Notes: The input data is currently private but plans are to make it freely available

Input data sources:

  • Encuesta Continua de Hogares - Instituto Nacional de Estadística