Bolivia (LATINMOD)

LATINMOD-Bolivia is based on the national Household Survey 2015 (Encuesta de Hogares 2015) which contains microdata for 10,171 households and 37,364 individuals. LATINMOD is a regional tax-benefit microsimulation model for six Latin American countries that is being developed in the EUROMOD platform and within a harmonized data base which provides cross-country comparability. LATINMOD-Bolivia simulates personal income tax, social security contributions, and its main social transfers: Bono Juana Azurduy, Bono Juancito Pïnto, and, Renta Dignidad.


In 2018, a regional microsimulation model for Latin American countries has been developed. LATINMOD is a project aimed at contributing to the understanding of the region’s heterogeneous fiscal and social systems. Please find additional information here (in Spanish).

Current team members:

Cristina Arancibia Romero - Independent consultant - No institutional affiliation. David Macas Romero - Independent consultant-No institutional affiliation.



Content accessibility:

  • Private, access restricted
  • Notes: The model is currently private but in the near future it will be freely available

Data accessibility:

  • Private
  • Notes: The input data is currently private but plans are to make it freely available

Input data sources:

  • Encuesta de Hogares (EH) - MECOVI

Model outputs:

Project page